There is nothing more that I love than a whole wheat everything bagel. I have a replay going on in my head all of the great bagels that I have eaten when I lived in New York City. I could probably write a book on my NYC bagel adventures. Those crusty, chewy, big soft bagels. My favorite are the ones in the morning straight out of the oven. The crust is unbelievable! When I lived

This week is the Super Bowl and I am craving ALL the snacks. I have a dusty old hummus recipe that I was thinking about making this week but it is tedious. I made it before I had kiddos. It requires peeling the skin off of each chickpea, one by one. While it does make an amazing silky hummus, mama is definalty not peeling chickpeas! The recipe below is easy peasy and toddler approved! Don’t

I have been avoiding refined-sugar for the month of January with the Barre 3. Truth is, I still crave sugar every single day, not sure when or if that will go away. I have been making almond milk hot cocoa to stay sane.

I am debating going all of 2018 without refined-sugar (stay tuned for more details). Below are a few tips to help you cut sugar too!

I am also working on a new project! I

This is a post that I wrote for the lovely Rebecca of Little Mother’s Helper. I drank this bone broth after Massimo was born to help me get back on my feet, and since I just started to make a batch for Massimo (it was Ella’s first food as well) I thought I would bring it back around to share with you all! You can see the original post on the Little Mother’s Helper

I gave up refined sugar four weeks ago as part of the Barre 3, B3 All In Challenge. I also cut out gluten, dairy, coffee, and alcohol in my diet — all that on top of five barre workouts per week. If you have followed me for a while, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time I’ve done this sort of detox. I did Whole 30 before I had Ella, and I

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